Proud Patriots teams with Wal-Mart

4 March 2008

From America Supports You’s newsletter….

ASY corporate-supporter Wal-Mart and homefront group Proud Patriots recently got together to pack and send over 2,200 care packages to deployed servicemembers in Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world. The packing took place at Wal-Mart’s annual “Year Beginning Meeting” where thousands of Wal-Mart store managers converged. Proud Patriots is a national organization that has been sending care packages overseas since 2004 to over 4,000 deployed military personnel. The Wal-Mart care package event was the largest Proud Patriots effort to date. Included in the packages were phone cards, disposable cameras, and comfort items supplied by Wal-Mart. Personal notes and cards were collected by Wal-Mart managers and associates from across the country to include in the packages as well.